09 October 2012 ~ 0 Comments

What qualifies you to guide me as a business “expert?”

I started on my road to entrepreneurship when I was 20 years old. I’ve had multiple partnerships and entrepreneurial ventures. I successfully launched a nonprofit organization in India at the age of 27, which recruited people from all over the world to volunteer over one month of their time in the slums of India while they paid thousands of dollars to have the opportunity. It’s a non-profit organization run with a for-profit model, and the success it had was just amazing.
In 2011 I launched a new online business which has done extremely well. After just 14 months, there was even a 72 hour period in which the website generated more than $40,000 in gross revenue for my partner and I during our first product launch. I’ve approached learning about online business and marketing with a passion and the results have spoken for themselves. The business continues to grow exponentially and is on target to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in the next few years. I’m even in contact with some of the world’s leaders in online business and was featured on Internet Business Mastery for an entire podcast.

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